Biladl the Fully comprehensive Legal portal has teamed with one of the most esteemed and Respected Law firms from Jeddah KSA To Be our flagship Legal Representatives in the MENA Region. Biladl Flagship has qualified trustworthy lawyers graduated from across the world with expertise in every field of law and are always available to ensure all legal situations are addressed to give our members peace of mind.

Biladl is the all encompassing Legal portal consisting of a collaboration of individual Lawyers, boutique Law firms which is country specific from different countries respectively and large international law firms all designed to provide Legal services by Membership Only via combination of online call center for Assistance advice and assessment for members legal queries as well as an App based digitized concept which assists members by referring them to the correct legal solution for their problems.

Biladl is constantly teaming up with the most esteemed and respected law firms in their respective countries as well as individuals lawyers who have expertise in every field of law to give our members the best advice and legal service available, at an affordable price. At Biladl our commitment is to give our Members the best legal advice when and where you need it.

Problems remain Problems until you get connected to Biladl

Due to lack of knowledge about one’s legal rights, handling and tackling such issues legally becomes a big challenge. Everyone can’t afford to acquire legal services both in terms of their valuable time and hard-earned money.

Considering the fact that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a second home to many expatriates, our service is a must-have for every individual expatriate as well as Saudi national. Every member subscribed to our offered plans will have their legal issues taken care of.

To start with, our focus will be mainly on labour issues, personal disputes, marital issues and rental disputes. Our aim is to open door for every member who has any problem in the above- mentioned focus areas.

We are constantly seeking partnerships with legal firms that can serve our members better and therefore We invite members of legal fraternity to Get in touch.

Biladl serves private individuals primarily providing a broad range of proper legal issues , support and legal advisory services via the Online Portal as well as Legal Representatives in our on Call center

We follow a member-orientated management philosophy where our members come first and we constantly re-evaluate how we can best serve them. This philosophy underpins our core values:

Biladl Care

We care for our members, our legal advisory team work on the hour for the peace of mind to Biladl community


Biladl aims to provide you our Subscriber the most innovative easy and effective service to ensure Peace of Mind


We set standards and aim to meet them daily
Your Peace & Pleasure is our Measure of Standards


Our experts aim is to simplify your Life and Foster Peace in all your daily interactions


Our Home is Open to All subscribers and our Differences make us stronger to Achieve Peaceful Solutions

We have on board a new breed of legal Advisors and embrace humane values to set us apart as We lead by setting the standard so others follow.

Biladl is being built on our willingness to explore new and unconventional approaches to law and the practice of law, and our members will expect a different approach and unique solutions to ensure Peace of Mind

Our diversity defines who we are and makes all the difference to our members. We aim to be the law firm which has no borders from within South Africa to The Middle East Then incorporating the eastern and western people so we set the standard for transformation in the legal industry, ensuring that we have a transformed and diverse legal team with a broad perspective to serve and understand our members.

We are passionate about law and our members and love what we do!