Our Vision

Biladl is envisioned to be the most encompassing international collaboration of the best and Most Trusted Legal Minds advising and assisting all our members to address their problems easily through the Biladl legal technology platform

Our Mission

Opportunity to Afford everyone easy access to digitized legal assistance to ensure Peace of mind for every Biladl member in every society through digitization of legal advice from local lawyers and in collaboration with the international legal community of lawyers

Aims and Objective

Biladl aims to be the backbone of the region’s digital legal system creating jobs , opportunities and wealth whilst providing peace of mind by enabling the common man to access trusted legal advice and assistance constantly at the touch of buttons online and a 24/7 Hotline call center

Biladl is a subscription based portal served by an application and web portal with digitised advises supported by an extensive legal network of lawyers, advocates and paralegals. Biladl has exclusive agreements and collaborations with boutique law firms, individually qualified lawyers as well as local and international specialised legal firms whcih are incorporated along with paralegal professionals and trainees with the sole purpose of providing our members with expert legal help. Biladl also aims to provide every lawyer the oppurtunity to collaborate with other legal firms locally and internationally on the Biladl web portal to access valubale support and services inaccessible to smaller law firms. Through Biladl membership, all legal firms and lawyers gain access to support, expertise, shared resources and many benefits to their legal practices without Sacrificing the individual identity or the independance of their law practices. such benefits together with invaluable leadership and mentorship by Biladl's principal law firms allow member firms to viably address the challenges that law firms face today. The Biladl brand aims to complement member law firms and lawyers with a unique brand which will strengthen each firm's credibility and reputation by referencing the values and quality elements that underpins the Biladl membership. Biladl vision is for the legal professionals to evolve into a continuous network thereby forming an international legal service directory which will be documented from local services directories in their respective countries specific to every legal member's expertise.

Biladl's launch is starting from the MENA Region, MENA is the Middle East North Africa region, which is home to over 400 million people including countries, with a highly accomplished and respected expat community making the expats a community of approximately of over twenty million over and above the locals hailing from all the world over namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, UK, USA, and Europe and as well as the people of North Africa, mainly Egypt, Morocco, Tunis, Algieria, Nigeria and many other smaller countries making MENA the region with most diverse population. Biladl will gradually roll out their services to every country.

Why You Need a Biladl Subscription

BILADL gives you legal help when and where you need it. Not just you, but also legal counselling and legal representation for you and your family including your spouse, partner or children under the age of 18. Protect your family with our Gold, GoldPLUS or Platinum Membership options.

You get:

Face-to-face legal counselling and legal assistance with BILADL’s lawyers locally and internationally

24-hour legal assistance via our dedicated legal lines

Access to our network of Biladl lawyers who will assist you

How BILADL works?

  • Members have constant access to our in-house BILADL Lawyers , who offer online email-based legal assistance during office hours and face-to-face legal assistance when required.
  • Our BILADL experienced legal team can advise you, write letters on your behalf and attempt to resolve legal issues without going to court.
  • BILADL Team will refer you to the approved attorney when you have a legal problem that requires a court hearing or representation to an Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum.
  • Our legal line offers telephonic legal assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What you get at BILADL:

Examples of matters that BILADL will assist you with:

  • Job-related matters (e.g. unfair dismissals, unfair retrenchments
  • Insurance problems (e.g. car accident insurance claims as well as personal Accidents claims from victims if any )
  • Consumer-related problems (e.g. guarantees and defective goods)
  • Home-owner problems (e.g. faulty alterations, home improvements, defective building works)
  • Wrongful Criminal charges against a Member or his/her family
  • Motor vehicle problems
  • Personal injury claims

Through our extended benefits, BILADL will help with any legal matters – even if they are not covered by your BILADL policy, such as:

  • Debt services (e.g. settlement negotiations, debt counselling, rescission of administration orders and judgments) Family Services (e.g. unopposed divorces, child maintenance matters, drafting of basic wills)

What is NOT covered by BILADL?

Our policies are kept affordable by not covering:

  • Matrimonial disputes (e.g. contested divorces)
  • Defamation cases
  • Business related matters
  • Admission of guilt fines
  • Cover for legal matters that arose before you joined BILADL or during your 3-month waiting period**
  • Collective actions
  • Traffic fines
  • Political matters
  • Child maintenance

**Terms and conditions apply

What happens if BILADL refers your matter to an External attorney i.e outside of our circle of attorney?

BILADLs will review and assess your situation. Biladl will also deal with any legal work and the consultation required, and then refer your to our network of attorneys if needed under our supervision at an agreed fee.

24-hour Legal Assistance

We offer telephonic legal counselling and assistance such as bail application, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

3-Month Waiting Period

You have a 3-month waiting period from the date of your first premium payment before BILADL will pay for legal expenses and we will only cover legal matters that arose after the 3-month waiting period. However, you get immediate access to our in-house BILADLs and 24-hour legal line.